Off-screen, superheroes are seen doing unexpected things.

We always have something to brighten your day, so if you were getting bored and needed something to laugh at, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve compiled a list of some of your favorite superheroes’ most hilarious and intriguing comics today, some of which also happen to be hard-to-ignore pop culture references. Superheroes are the subject of an artist’s obsession, so he had the brilliant idea to use his comics to make the lives of these heroes more enjoyable. He succeeded, and we adore his originality. You’ve probably never seen your superheroes quite like this. Click here to view his comics.


When you are aware that you have done nothing but received praise from everyone!


It’s your favorite song, but you’re drowning.


Superman’s nail-cutting moment.


You have no right to look at my daughter.


The secret of the six packs!












When Superman desires a backscratch.


Snowman’s desire to feel cozy!


Human, you are not required!


When you spot a lovely flight attendant.


Would you like to accompany me on Friday night to a dance?


Who is deceiving whom?


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Show off your skills, magician!


The smoothie that will freeze your brains, everyone!


When you have a rich friend.


It appears that our favorite Batman has been abandoned by his friends after the bill arrived. Superman and Spider-Man consumed an excessive amount of ice cream, but when they saw the bill, they fled. Batman had his credit cards, after all. We never anticipated the superheroes to be involved in so much off-screen activity.


Which do I put on today? This or that?


The ideal proposal strategy!


Congratulations! You have five children.


The only way to get the weight you want.


The only thing that terrifies Wonder Woman!


Lost all files.


The attempts by her ex to sabotage your date.


In their warm bath, they are relaxing.


October 31st (Halloween) with dad!


How to endure the zombie apocalypse:


Whenever you’re too afraid.


Just trying to have fun.


When your turn comes!


He has lofty goals.


When you discover a new lover.


This is what happens when you break up with someone who has been loyal to you and start dating someone else. This particular example is one to which we can all relate. Which of these comics did you find the most enjoyable? Tell us in the remarks section below!