An angry man said that he sent dog poop to his neighbor because the neighbor let her dog relieve itself on his lawn.

Ashley McKay, from Adelaide, Australia, was furious when his neighbor let her dog poop on his lawn while she walked it and then left without cleaning it up.

McKay wanted to get back at his “dirty” and “inconsiderate” neighbor, so he picked up the dog’s poop and put it in an envelope, which he then took to her house and put in her mailbox.

He also stated that the woman and her dog have not returned to his lawn since then. She is also said to walk her dog in a different direction to avoid going by his house.

When you let your dog s*** on my lawn, you get a special gift in the post,

the man wrote this in the post’s caption and sent the message to the dog’s owner along with photos of the poop.

He later explained:

She certainly hasn’t been back past not from what I’ve seen. I’m thinking she’ll avoid the street altogether.

Something had to be done and I figured that was the nicest option.

McKay also talked to 10 News to tell other dog owners that they should clean up after their pets so they don’t get in trouble or make other people’s lives hard.

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I figured why not pick it up myself and hand deliver it to her and then she can dispose of it that way,

he added.

Obviously I managed to scoop up what the dog had left behind from yesterday, put it in an envelope, and I have dropped it in the letterbox of the lady in question.


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