Frozen 2 trailer released on Wednesday and it has left with a lot of questions. The first part, Frozen had released back in 2013 and was the highest earning animation movie ever. Frozen 2 is going to release in November.

Frozen was about the story of two sisters, Elsa and Anna. It was also loosely based on the The Snow Queen. Frozen 2 trailer is just under 120 seconds and it does not really give away the story. So, let’s go back to the questions about the trailer that we mentioned in the beginning.

Frozen 2: Is the new dark tone necessary?

The Frozen 2 trailer shows us the beautiful autumn season in Arendelle. But, the doomy music suggests that something is wrong. Anna attempts to cross treacherous rocks and Elsa puts her powers to use while crossing a stormy sea. Elsa and her snowman are shown to be surrounded by fire. Kristoff is seen racing amidst the jungle on his reindeer, Sven. And in the last scene, Anna takes Kristoff’s sword and dives towards the audience.

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Is climate change troubling Arendelle?

Elsa is seen crossing her way through a stormy sea in the Frozen 2 trailer. Some fans on Twitter have put up a theory that Frozen 2 is about climate change problems. (very realistic though)

Can we expect Elsa’s girlfriend in Frozen 2?

Two characters were introduced in the Frozen 2 trailer and many fan speculation has taken place. The new characters are a redhead and a blonde girl who emerge from a pile of leaves. These characters might be the villains in Frozen 2. But, some fans are expecting otherwise. Jennifer Lee, co-director and writer of Frozen 2 has revealed that Elsa might end up having a female lover.

Are the floating diamonds important?

There is a scene in the trailer where Anna watches some floating diamonds outside the castle. Some keen fans have pointed out that the new poster of the film has similar diamonds which have diverse patterns. So, we can safely assume that the diamonds have an important role in the movie.

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Frozen 2 Poster

What is the reason behind Anna and Elsa’s new looks?

Frozen 2 Elsa

After the release of Frozen, dolls of the sisters had become a huge hit in the market. Elsa and Elsa had worn new outfits in the Frozen short animated movies, Frozen Adventure and Frozen Fever. These animations had released after the release of Frozen.

In the Frozen 2 trailer, we see Elsa wearing an icy blue outfit. And Anna has a new hairstyle. She isn’t sporting her braids. Instead, she has a half down, half-up hairstyle.