The Frozen 2 trailer has just been released and the fans have gone wild. The much-anticipated sequel to the hit has promised a darker second part to the 2013 movie.

The Frozen 2 trailer: What we learned?

In the trailer, we get to see that Frozen 2 has many of the characters from the first movie. However, people are unable to find anything about the plot. In the trailer, we see Elsa battling through the waves. Then she walks on water by turning it into ice.

Frozen 2: Release Date, Trailer And Predictions
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Other characters that are set to return in the sequel of Frozen are Elsa’s sister Anna, Olaf the snowman, Anna’s love interest iceman Kristof and along with him his accomplice Sven. There is a dramatic tone to the trailer. This hints towards the movie has a darker tone when compared to the first movie.

Frozen 2 release date

Frozen 2 will release on 22nd November 2019 in the UK and the US. The movie will release on 26th December 2019 in Australia. The trailer was posted by Disney UK on Twitter. They had a caption to the trailer that read, this November, get ready for Frozen 2.

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The first movie was loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s The Snow Queen. Frozen grossed a whopping $876 million worldwide. The first movie also went on to win two Oscars, one for the best animated film and the other for the best song for Let It Go. Elsa’s character might be getting a female love interest in the second movie according to the co-director and writer of Frozen, Jennifer Lee.