Friends Reunion Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Channel and Everything you Need to Know

Friends Reunion Episode has finally been confirmed about almost getting canceled and fans are excited to have their favorite characters back. It has been decades since Friends TV series ended but still millions of viewers watch it daily. But Netflix has to give the right to stream Friends online as Warner Bros. is coming up their own stream service HBO Max.

It is also the main reason why Friends reunion special is made so that it boosts the subscriptions. Here is everything you need to know about the Friends Reunion release date, trailer, cast, channel and more.

Friends Reunion Trailer and Release Date

Friends Reunion Trailer and Release Date

Friends Reunion Episode is supposed to be released alongside the launch of the HBO Max streaming service. It means that the release date of Friends Reunion is May 2020 and specific dates will be revealed soon. There are also reports that Ellen Degeneres will host the Friends special episode. The unscripted episode will soon enter production and fans can expect to see a special Friends reunion trailer around March or April 2020 for sure.

Friends Reunion Cast: Everyone is Finally Back

Friends Reunion Cast Everyone is Finally Back

Friends Reunion can never be complete with all the main cast members coming back. It is why the negotiations took so long but finalized at each of the actor getting $3 million with a production budget of more than $20 million. Here is the main cast list of Friends Reunion coming back for the special Episode.

  • Jennifer Aniston as Rachel Green
  • Courteney Cox as Monica Geller
  • Lisa Kudrow as Phoebe Buffay
  • Matt LeBlanc as Joey Tribbiani 
  • Matthew Perry as Chandler Bing
  • David Schwimmer as Ross Geller

Friends Reunion TV Channel Stream Online

Friends Reunion Stream on HBO Max

Friends Reunion will mark the start of HBO Max and it will stream exclusively along with the original ten seasons of the show. While there is no TV channel decided to air ‘Friends Reunion: The One Where They All Returned’ episode, chances are there HBO or Warner Bros. TV channel might premiere it for the viewers not having access to the streaming service.

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