Fortnite World Cup hacks and cheats

The Fortnite World Cup Qualifying Tournament and its developers, Epic Games, shocked the world after they banned more than a thousand accounts.

The Fortnite World Cup qualifiers started on April 13. The winners gain a collective weekly monetary remuneration of $ 1,000,000. This lump sum later got divided amongst winners. The Final prize pool of $30 Million could be a potential reason for cheating.

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Fortnite World Cup: Epic’s comments on the Qualifying Tournament

Epic Games explained in a recent blog post,

“most of the banned players tried to enter the tournament in multiple regions”.

Epic banned 1,221 accounts in the first online qualifier. Trespassing became another reason for bans. 1,163 players were banned for the same, which implies they will not be allowed in the competitive circuit for trying to bypass the region locks of Fortnite.

Some players disconnected intentionally. They suffered a 72-hour ban.

The World Cup is happening in six different regions: Asia, Oceana, Brazil, Europe, North America East and North America West. Players are trying to log in from different locations to get more attempts at the qualifiers. Such accounts with fake location logins suffered a two-week long temporary ban.

Another player used malicious plugins during the semifinals of the Fortnite World Cup. The player was able to use the plugins for less than 5 minutes before he was detected.

Fortnite cheaters

Fortnite anti-cheat software known as BattlEye picked the player’s malicious plugins.

Pro Streamer failed to Qualify

The biggest names not making through the qualifiers at Fortnite World Cup was a definite shocker.

Ninja and his partner Reverse2k did not qualify in North America East. The duo scored 53 points which put them at #130 on the server.

Fortnite World Cup: Fortnite Ninja

TFue and Cloak performed much better. They finished at 84th place in North Ameria East region with 57 points.