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Football Transfer Window is about to be closed in a few days, and yet the biggest stars have not signed any deals. Premier League teams from all over the world want to make the best out of the transfers and will wait till the last moment for making new deals. Man United, Arsenal, Barcelona, Liverpool, etc. are making major changes in their roster and hence a lot of high profile trade deals will be made soon. Here are the transfer rumors for Paul Dybala, Mesut Ozil, and Bruno Fernandes before the window closes.

Paulo Dybala

Football Transfer Window Rumors Paulo Dybala

Juventus had offered Man United their main star Paulo Dybala in exchange for Romelu Lukaka, but they declined the trade. Despite his huge star power, Manchester was not interested in a trade. Tottenham Spurs tried to take this opportunity and offered €70 million for Dyabal to which the Juventus has agreed. The only problem here is that Paulo Dybala was ready to move in England to play with Man United, but playing for Spurs was not on his wishlist.

Mesut Ozil

Football Transfer Window Rumors Mesut Ozil

DC United were looking for a new star since Wayne Rooney plans to leave them soon to join the Derby Country. Mesut Ozil is the most preferred name for the Washington DC club, and they are also in talks with Arsenal over a potential deal. The officials from Premier League and MLS will meet in the US capital city soon to discuss a transfer deal. The only hindrance in the deal is Ozil’s high salary of £350,000 per week, which could create problems for DC United.

Bruno Fernandes

Football Transfer Window Rumors Bruno Fernandes

Manchester United were planning to replace Paul Pogba with Bruno Fernandes from the Sporting CP club. However, Pogba going to Real Madrid is still in doubts, and hence the Fernandes deal is also kind of stuck. Tottenham Spurs have also bid for Bruno, and it can get tough for Man United soon if they don’t make a counter-offer. But then again representatives of Fernandes are marketing him for a Manchester deal.