Paul Pogba, the most famous midfielder from Manchester United is eyed by a lot of clubs before the trade window. Even the star himself has expressed his desire to leave the Old Trafford Stadium and start something new and fresh. It is why most of the rumors are speculating Pogba to join the Los Blancos and Juventus clubs soon.

As per the latest reports, Read Madrid has offered a huge deal to the Man United for Pogba. The Spanish football club is apparently ready to offer £27.4 million and their world cup star James Rodriguez in exchange for Paul Pogba from the Man United. But in a shocking response, Man United have rejected the offer from Real Madrid. Here are the reasons why Man United have said no to such a huge Real Madrid offer for Pogba.

Man United want more Money

Manchester United Real Madrid James Rodriguez Bigger Contract

The biggest reason why the Man United heads said no to the offer is because of the low amount. Paul Pogba is one of the best midfielders in football and has proved is worth at every stage. He is just 26 years old and has a lot of football left in his blood, there is no way the Man United will let him go for such a low price.

Real Madrid only offered £27.4 million for Pogba which even after adding James Rodriguez will not make more than £100 million. The club of Manchester value Pogba at a whopping £150m and won’t accept even a penny less than it.

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No Use for James Rodriguez

Manchester United Real Madrid James Rodriguez No use

James Rodriguez despite being a great winger and attacking midfielder doesn’t exactly fit in Man United. It is why James was not worth the deal and the Reds kind of rejected the offer. Rodriguez spent the last two months at the Bayern Munich and finally returned to his main club in the summer.

Since his arrival in the Spanish club, Rodriguez has been linked with teams such as Atletico Madrid and Napoli. Zinedine Zidane, the owner of Real Madrid feels that there is no place for the world cup star in their team and hence wanted to trade him out. But the Man United were smart to look through the facade and swiftly rejected the Pogba offer.

Pogba wants to go Big

Manchester United Real Madrid James Rodriguez Deal Next Summer

Paul Pogba was not a part of his team in the latest clash between Manchester United vs. AC Milan on the last Saturday. It led the rumor of Pogba joining Madrid to spread around like wildfire. Real Madrid took the bait and made the big offer for Pogba to the Man United.

While the real reason Pogba missed the last game is said to be his recent injury by the Man United owner, Ole Gunnar. Apparently, the Man United doesn’t want to risk Pogba getting further inured and saved him for their match against Chelsea. They never wanted to trade Pogba out and hence rejected the offer from Real Madrid.

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Champions League Issue

Champions League Dreams

Manchester United despite being one of the most popular teams in the Premier League has not made to the next level. They are not a part of the Champions League and it could be a big reason why Pogba wanted out of the United.

Most of the sports analyst has predicted that Pogba has high hopes of playing in the biggest football league tournament and the Man United are nowhere close to it. Hence, Real Madrid offered a deal to sign Pogba, but the Manchester club rejected it as they believe they can make it to the Champions League in the next season.

Pogba Deal next Summer

Pogba wants big

The last possibility says that the Man United are not planning to sell Pogba this year and have plans for him for the next summer. Many of the United players are already looking for transfer and it could create a lot of trouble if Pogba leaves them too.

Romelu Lukaku and Marcus Rojo are already in talks to join Napoli and AC Milan. In such a situation, the Man United can’t afford to let Paul Pogba leave too. It would be wise for the United to hold on to Pogba and try to trade him out in the next summer.

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