Cristiano Ronaldo’s suspension might happen again, or that’s what the latest rumor around the block says after a recent investigation concerning Juventus and transfer irregularities.

Prosecutors from the Italian Football Association (FIGC) did, which deducted nine points from the score for Juventus. The federation court is considering whether to reopen the trial of the suspected football transfers that allegedly led to Bianconeri’s previous investigation. Can Cristiano Ronaldo be suspended because he played at Juventus at that time?

Ronaldo Juventus Penalty drama Serie A
Ronaldo in Juventus kit

Can Ronaldo sue Juventus for not paying him 20 million euros?

Recently, the situation at Juventus has been getting more and more unpleasant. After the departure of two board members and the start of proceedings by the prosecutor’s office, Cristiano Ronaldo has come to the fore. According to “La Gazetta Dello Sport”, the Portuguese star wants to finally get back the money he is owed, which the Turin club still has not paid.

You can already get lost in the number of debts of Juventus. Considering the fact that the prosecutor’s office talks about several hundred million euros of concealed losses, the amount that the club owes Cristiano Ronaldo is not that impressive. However, considering the player’s status and the probable lack of cash in the club’s cash register, this can be a big problem.

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It is important to remember how one of the best footballers in history can behave in a difficult moment. Manchester United fans found out about it, listening to Piers Morgan’s interview with an experienced footballer who openly criticized the coach and the club for which he played this autumn. It is, therefore, possible that Ronaldo is also ready to speak out about the financial problems of his former employer, which could be the nail in the coffin.

Is Ronaldo threatened with suspension after drama in Juventus?

Ronaldo Juventus penalty drama Serie A
Ronaldo disappointed

In all of the Cristiano Ronaldo fuss, there is another troubling issue. A bigger problem than the sum of 20 million euros may be that the agreement was secret. This means that this amount must be added to the debt of Juventus, which the shareholders had no idea about. According to Italian media, the Portuguese did not inform the federation or the stock exchange on which the club is listed about the deal with his former employer.

What is the penalty for Juventus Turin?

Prosecutor Giuseppe Chine asked for nine penalty points. Instead, Juve was stripped of 15 points. This will drop the team from third to tenth in Serie A, and they may forget about the scudetto. Napoli’s loss to the leader in the table, which was already ten points, would probably not be possible to make up anyway. Still, it will be difficult even to get promoted to the Champions League (before the weekend, the team lost as many as 12 points to places guaranteeing participation in these competitions).

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