Tesco and Asda have recently issued a recall warning for some of its products and have stated that customers should either get rid of the products or return them to their local store as they carry a high risk of causing salmonella infection.

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What is salmonella

TESCO and Asda recall products with Salmonella riskA salmonella infection can cause food poisoning like symptoms, leaving patients with cramps in their stomach or muscle ache. Infected food items can lead to a salmonella outbreak.

Tesco recalls products by Batch numbers

TESCO and Asda recall products with Salmonella riskRecalled TESCO products include Apricot Almonds and Yogurt Bars. Asda Cranberry bars, Peanut Bars, Almond Cereal Bars, and Nut Cereal Bars have also been recalled. Recalled products include 4 x 35 grams pack sizes of Asda bars and the batch code of 9100 and 9101 Tesco products.

Affected Tesco products bear a best before the date of 31st January 2020. Asda bars under infection threat have a best by date of September 2019.

Both companies have issued an urgent warning. All customers should check the aforementioned products to make sure they do not have the infected ones.

Customers who bought those products can get a full refund at the respective stores.