Food Recall 2019

Food Recall 2019 has been joined by yet another store. This is amid the risk of Salmonella infection. The customers who have been shopping at Asda must take this into note. What has been affected? Are you at risk? Scroll down to learn the complete story.

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Food Recall 2019: Asda recalls products

Asda joins the Food recall 2019. It has put out warnings. The store is urging its customers to not eat its products. This is because of the possible risk of infection of Salmonella.

Infection of Salmonella is a foodborne disease. It causes food poisoning. This often reaches to extreme stages. Because of which it could be fatal. Patients often have stomach cramps. Moreover, it also causes aching muscles.

Food Recall 2019
Food Recall 2019: Asda recalls products because of Salmonella infection
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The product that has been recalled is Cranberry and Nut Cereal Bars. This is because the food can be contaminated with the bacteria. Moreover, this could be at any stage of the production process.

The products

The products of Asda that are affected are Cranberry and Nut Cereal Bars. The pack size of these is 4*35 grams each. Moreover, the best before the date of the product end of September 2019.

The chain of supermarket is taking all precautionary steps. It has advised its customers to not consume these products.

Food Recall 2019

Customers who have made purchases can return it to the store. The customers will be given a complete refund as well.

Asda is also displaying notices at all its stores. This is to warn its customers. Moreover, it also explains the reasons for the same. The notice also tells the steps to be taken if the purchase has been made.

And no other product of the store is affected. Most of the food recalls are taken as precautionary actions. However, they must not be taken lightly.

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