Food Recall 2019 reaches another level. Greggs and Morrisons recently made an announcement that did not please many. It has taken the decision to recall several of its products. This is because these products might impose risks related to health. Moreover, there are also few which fear to give safety risks. Find out the entire list of products and reasons here.

Food Recall 2019: Another list of products joins in

Two more companies join the food recall regime. And this time it’s the very own Greggs and Morrisons. Many are sad that their favourites are being recalled. However, there are also many who fear of health problems. The companies have placed warnings. The same has been done on the website Food Standards Agency.

Greggs recalls its mini sausage rolls

Gregg is the famous bakery brand. It now recalls frozen mini sausage rolls. It’s a pack of 16 rolls. The recall is because the product may contain plastic.

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Yes, you have it right. The product may contain small pieces of plastics. This, therefore, presents choking hazards. Because of which it becomes unsafe to eat.

Food Recall 2019: Greggs and Morrisons recall a list of food
Food recall 2019 reaches another level
Source: Lincoln shire live

Moreover, the companies direct customers are not the general public. It is sold exclusively to Iceland Stores.

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These stores are to return the rolls to the company. The package is of 433g. The batch code of the product is 18334. The best before date is 30th of November 2019.

The product is not supposed to be consumed. Moreover, the consumers are to return the product to the nearest Iceland store. The store will also do the refund.

Morrisons recalls its choc chip cookies

Morrisons announces to recall its choc chip cookies. The recall is because of the milk product. As it is not mentioned in the list of ingredients.

Food Recall 2019: Greggs and Morrisons recall a list of food
Morrisons recalls its choc chip cookies
Source: Marketing Week

Moreover, it also may also cause allergy. This is because of milk intolerance. Constituents of milk also cause allergy.

The company is all calling all the batches of this product. This is for the date codes. This is just a precautionary measure.

It is because the packaging has incorrect statements. It states that the product contains a toy wand. This is because the product is unsafe for children.

You need to return the products to the nearest stores in the company. Moreover, the receipt is not required.

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