It might seem like there are a lot of tricks and tips on how to flirt with someone. There is always a risk of crossing a line, creating a wrong impression, or finding out that the person is not interested in you, so it is hard to do. Sometimes people don’t notice someone having their eye on them. One user decided to ask those who believe they are good at flirting what social cues they should watch out for.

The question that received almost 59K upvotes was answered by people sharing their own experiences, revealing what actions show that a person is interested in you. Which one of these signs do you believe in? Leave your thoughts in the comments.



When the other party isn’t receptive, good flirting means recognizing it.

Cut your losses if they answer quickly and kill the conversation.



Everyone is giving good advice, but flirting didn’t click for me until I heard it was an escalation of suggestive behaviors couched in plausible deniability.

If someone is touching you in a way that feels extra, looking at you in a way that feels a bit too long, or poking fun at you, then that might be flirting or it might not. That’s all the point. Deniability is Plausible. They can disengage at any time.

If you want to know if someone is flirting, you need to test it. You do that by escalating things, but just a bit, so that you have a chance at deniability. If they escalate back and forth as you escalate, that is flirting. One of you will break cover and do something with clear intent (a kiss, an approach + ask for a number, or straight up telling them what you think of them and that you’re interested), eventually. If you escalate and they don’t change their behavior or back off, then you should take the hint and do the same.

If that’s something obvious to people, it was definitely not for me, and college parties would have been less fun had I not known. Hopefully, this can help someone else.



I’ve read that if someone looks at you after someone says something funny and everyone is laughing, they like you. It’s true from personal experience.



A one-sided conversation can be dangerous. It’s probably not going well if your responses are mostly “Yeps” and “uh-huh” and nothing else.



Does their body turn towards you or away from you? Do they look at your body language?



It is the second glance. They look at you once, then look at you again. This second look is indicative of interest. I got to use something I learned at uni.



According to Sherlock Holmes: licking lips, eyes cast down towards the other person’s lips, a quirky smile of the lips, dilated eyes. If the person has long hair, put it behind their ear.

I suck at flirting and I am not a detective.



You don’t see the signals when you’re bad at flirting. It’s possible that you don’t see the signal for what it is, or that you don’t see it at all. It’s a confidence issue at its root and tt’s not fixable if other people are more obvious or know what to look for. You have to fix yourself.



If you’re in a group of friends, hang back. Someone who is interested in you will be able to talk to you in private. This isn’t proof, but it will give you the chance to feel the chemistry between you.



I’ve noticed that women will make a small adjustment to you, like brushing off a piece of lint or moving hair on your face. Back in my rogue days, they did.



If you tell a bad joke, look for laughter and smiles that should not be there. They are definitely not what you said.



People will go out of their way to do something for you if you say they really like spending time with you.



There is physical contact. Not everyone flirts the same way, but a good sign is if they smile the whole time you are talking to them, or if they touch your arm.



It’s a good sign if they start taking clothes off.




It’s a good sign if they look directly at you.



Does someone spend a lot of time with you?

I’m not good at flirting. Hang out. You should be with this person. See if you like it.



I used to force a yawn to see if anyone was looking at me because of that sympathetic response. This is not a cue to watch out for.



“Good at flirting” is a type of Schrodinger’s cat. It’s flirting if they like you. You fail if it doesn’t. There is no way to prove it without trying.



It is a good sign if they start using words. If you are meeting the person in one way or another, that is.





Mirroring. Look at your text. If they try to use the same words as you do, that’s fine. If you meet up, they could duplicate some of your mannerisms. I tell myself that.



They’re thinking of kissing you if you catch them looking at your mouth. Say your name and repeat it during the conversation. Sings you out in a crowd. Early on, ask you personal questions.



If they compliment your appearance like your eyes or body, rather than what you chose to like, then that’s good. They’re probably hitting on you. Speaking as someone who has been flirting with someone.

If they compliment your appearance like your eyes or body, rather than what you chose to like, then that’s good. They’re probably hitting on you. Speaking as someone who has been flirting with someone.



Girls who are flirting laugh a lot. We also figure out a way to touch. Making eye contact and smiling is also a good thing.



When a girl says she can play guitar and you say you like girls who play guitar, she has a crush on you. This is a true story that proves how oblivious I am because I am not good at flirting at all.