Disney/Pixar’s classic Finding Nemo quickly touched the hearts of the audience and remained a favorite for over a decade. The sequel, Finding Dory, completes the arc of all the characters that viewers have fallen in love with over the years, and there is plenty of wise observation.

Fans share the most interesting, fun, and meaningful details they’ve noticed in Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.


1. Now we know the real reason.


2. That’s the stroke of genius.


3. Pearl was never a girl.


4. That’s some self-awareness.


5. That’s some clever censorship.


6. The adults knew it all along.


7. Was the same level of excitement.


8. That’s a very accurate response.


9. The adorable baby Dory.


10. The percentage of people that were excited for Finding Dory.


11. That’s just one in the same.


12. Hang on a second…


13. It’s actually the same.


14. The aged-up Marlin.

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