Final Fantasy 7 remake

Square Enix has a lot of expectations to fulfill as we are hoping to see the details on a possible launch of highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII Remake.

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Final Fantasy VII Remake release date may happen soon

Interestingly, several little bits of information kept leaking on the web, which has kept our hopes high.

A thread popped up on ResetEra, hinting towards the possible schedule of Sony’s State of Play 2 at E3 2019. An unnamed game will get announced at this event which could be the Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Sony’s State of Play event will kick off next week. According to a post made by a specific administrator who goes by the user name ZhugeEX players can expect a re-reveal of a game.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Fans are excited after the news broke out that launch of Final Fantasy VII: Remake is possible at E3 2019.

This rumor could be true if we look at the tweet made by Square Enix’s executive producer, Shinji Hashimoto.

Shinji Hashimoto retweeted the original tweet made by Sony which strengthens the argument that the third party game is Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

These are rumors and speculations should be taken as a  pinch of salt until Square Enix confirms these reports.

What’s new Final Fantasy VII: Remake?

The game is the remake of original Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy VII gained popularity due to its rich storyline and fantastic character development.

According to the developer, the remake will take important cues from the original. However, the remake will combine it with the revamped combat system and enhanced graphics.

Final Fantasy

We know very little about the combat system of Final Fantasy VII: Remake. Rumors hint it to be a mix of real-time and turn-based combat.

As we have mentioned earlier that it is highly likely the game will be unveiled at the Sony’s State of Play event at E3.