Final Fantasy 7 remake is under development for Xbox One - GameStop Leak

Since some news dropped for Final Fantasy 7, there are more speculation regards to the game. Though a remake still exists and a confirmation of the game retreated at E3 2015. The game only exists for PS4 but now news triggered for which Xbox is also on the way. According to GameStop, a post categorized the final remake of the Final Fantasy 7. However, the leak confirmed the existence of game in both Microsoft’s windows and PS4.


The post or the listing which included in the GameStop Ireland contained screenshot and preorder information. It also included features to preorder the game for the Xbox consoles. Therefore, there is a chance or surety about the game development for Xbox consoles.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is under development for Xbox One-GameStop Leak
SOURCE: Comic Book

Xbox One trigger development for fantasy 7 remake

And now we are all near the E3 2019 event, and getting game details leaked is not new. We can also assume or take some grain of salt about the final fantasy 7 at E3 2019. However, Microsoft’s presence at E3 can even trigger a panel for Final Fantasy 7. And now GameStop is responsible for making a spoiler about the development on Xbox.

Even getting much excited about the game in Xbox One, it’s all rumour and the listing might be done in error. However, no confirmation about the details is not released, and now we can wait till E3 initiates. Moreover, is not only the potential leak that has occurred in recent, but there are also even more of it.

Final Fantasy 7 remake is under development for Xbox One-GameStop Leak
SOURCE: Game Rampage

Sometimes earlier, a leak also claimed that the game will have a playable demo. This demo will be initiated during the E3a and final launch of the game will be available at the end of this year. Rumour is sometimes true but not every time, as this rumour emphasized that the game is not coming before 2020. So, it’s a plus point to stay tuned with every leak and rumours.

If this listing is true from the GameStop website, then we can gather much knowledge about the game during E3 commences. Check out for more exciting updates.