Final Fantasy VII Remake release could get a major boost soon

    Final Fantasy VII Remake release date

    Final Fantasy VII: Remake is expected to be at the E3 2019 which will kick off on June 12. The developers behind the game, Square Enix has not confirmed this, but the newly released trailer does give a hint.


    We are hoping to see an in-depth gameplay demo for this highly anticipated remake of Final Fantasy VII.

    What has changed in the Final Fantasy VII: Remake?

    As reported by Gamespot, the trailers of the Final Fantasy VII: Remake have only featured the Midgar.

    This hints that the majority of the game’s plotline will be set in the city and it will be the focal point of the game like its original counterpart.

    The original Final Fantasy VII got so significant due to the convincing story and strong character development which will remain intact in the remake.

    Final Fantasy VII Remake release

    However, the developers have hinted that the game will feature some new elements and ideas in the remake.

    We are not going for a shot to shot remake, there will be some alteration based on this generation of players. It doesn’t mean that we will change the whole game, we are trying to make something fresh, new and unique.

    The story of the original is so rich that the developers have decided not to omit any part. According to reports the game will be launched in long series of episodes. The info about the plot points and the number of episodes is a secret for now.

    The information available on the game’s combat system is debatable, but we expect it to be a mix of real-time and turn-based combat.

    Final Fantasy VII: Remake Release Date

    Final Fantasy VII Remake release date

    As we mentioned earlier, Square Enix has not revealed the release date of the game, but it could change. We expect the developers to release more information on the release date and features at E3.


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