Do you remember the tale of the evil stepmother who married the king and then began to bully her daughter? You know this girl, she was also called Snow White. The plot is repeated from year to year.

Sometimes women who are in the position of an evil stepmother do not realize what they are doing. When it is pointed out to them that their behavior is not acceptable, they are very offended.

The author of the thread was in the AITA community. Over 14K upvotes and almost 2K different comments have been received by her post. The 28-year-old woman was trying to figure out if she had done the right thing by fighting with her fiancée.


She accepted the proposal that the man-made after two years of dating The Original Poster.


The Original Poster dated a man for two years until he finally proposed to her. The couple began discussing where they should live after the wedding.



Her first wife passed away five years before her daughter was born.

The woman had a 6-year-old son and her fiancée had a 15-year-old daughter from his first marriage. The girl has been living in the master bedroom of the house since her mother passed away five years ago. She asked the man about it, and he said that it was his daughter’s house, so she decided where to sleep.



After their wedding, the man’s daughter was wanted out of the master bedroom.

During the discussion, the OP said that he wanted his daughter out of the master bedroom and that she wanted to permanently move into his house. The man said that the house was registered to his daughter and they would most likely have to buy a new one.



The house was registered to the daughter after her mother’s death.

He has saved money since the death of his wife, so now he has about 60 percent of the required amount, and they would pay the rest together. If he wants to marry her and adopt her son, the house should not only be his daughter’s, but theirs as well said the OP.

The woman called him a jerk and said he should have told her right away. The man objected that they would not be homeless because they had three years before his daughter came of age, and then another four years until she graduated from college. He set aside money for a new house because he knew he would have to leave sooner or later.



The girl registered the car that OP used to drive.

The OP asked what else his daughter was registered for. When the girl leaves for college, the car the OP used to drive will be taken by her. The woman took her son and went to her parents. When she told her story in tears, her brother laughed and said that she behaved like a gold digger and a real jerk.



Commenters were unanimous in their opinion that the OP behaved like a gold digger.

The opinion of the commenters was almost unanimous, and they condemned the woman, telling her she was a gold digger. She was reminded of the tale of Snow White and the fact that the OP almost became the evil stepmother of a 15-year-old girl.



The late wife agreed with her husband about guarantees for their daughter for the future and that they could be calm for her.



The man wanted his ring back after reading the post.

This can’t be said about the OP. Her fiancé read her post and demanded the ring back. The woman wrote that one day he will arrive, take the ring and the car back, and everything will be over.



On the one hand, the story looks sad, but on the other hand, maybe the girl and her father were lucky that he did not share his fate with a woman like this. We will appreciate your comments and opinions on who is right and who is wrong in this situation.