A mother of two who says she “lost herself” during her marriage has had a post-divorce “glow up” and now says that people tell her she looks like Megan Fox.


Marissa Pool, who is now 29 years old and hails from Pennsylvania in the United States, is unrecognizable from the woman she was when she was married because she has nine tattoos and five piercings after going through a mutual separation with her husband.

Marissa decided to ditch her “Karen” short bob haircut in favor of long, black hair and heavy eye makeup. She claims that she is happier than she has ever been and that this transformation was inspired by her love of alternative music, which includes bands such as Bring Me The Horizon.

Marissa, who was just 17 years old when she first met her now-ex-husband, reflected on her unhappy marriage and said:

My mental health was at an all time low.

I got wrapped up playing a role of what was expected of me as a wife and mother and wasn’t prioritising how I looked or any aspect of my life.

She added:

When you get older you change into a different person and your values and beliefs change. I lost myself for a while like a lot of women do.

Marissa’s former partner and she were together for a total of 12 years, during which time they welcomed two children, who are now two and six, respectively. In spite of this, the couple made the final decision to end their relationship in January 2022.

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It was mutual. We were two different people and our children deserved better. We couldn’t be together,

Marissa said.

Marissa made the decision to alter her appearance after the breakup because she felt it was time for a new beginning.

I was finally able to be myself,

she said.

I decided if I can feel good about the outside I can feel good on the inside too because I can be real and honest with people and not hide myself out of fear.

‘It was definitely a process – it didn’t happen overnight.

To begin, Marissa went through her closet and replaced all of her cozy knitwear with all-black ensembles to better reflect her affinity for alternative music.

I had always liked the alternative music scene since I was 12, I just thought I couldn’t dress like that after becoming a wife and mother,

she explained.

I was constantly bleaching and dying my hair so eventually it all broke off.

In 2017 I had the choice between shaving it all off or getting a Karen cut.

The grow out journey took years. I couldn’t leave my hair alone.

I’m really happy with my hair now. It’s now natural down to my shoulders and I have extensions and have died it black.

Marissa is now more content than she has ever been, and she encourages other mothers to carve out at least ten minutes each day for themselves to engage in an activity that brings them joy.

‘I now spend half an hour every day getting ready and doing my make up,

she said.

When you feel good about yourself, only then can you be the best version of yourself.

I feel like a completely different person, I’m confident, I feel good and I feel like me.

Marissa went on to say that ever since her transformation, people have compared her to a specific Hollywood actress or actress.

People tell me I look like Megan Fox all the time and it’s honestly so flattering,

she said.

I’m not sure I see it myself but I’ve always admired her and it’s very humbling!