Female Thor Natalie Portman Thor 4 Love and Thunder

Marvel ruled the San Diego comic con 2019 by announcing the Phase 4 of MCU. There are so many movies and Disney+ TV series releasing in the next few years, but the one that grabbed everyone’s attention is Thor 4. Everyone was speculating that Thor 4 will have Chris Hemsworth joining the Guardians of the Galaxy team.


But contrary to that, Taika Watiti announced that Thor 4 will be called as Love and Thunder and feature Natalie Portman as a female Thor. The news has kind of broke the internet, and a lot of people are excited over the next Thor movie. Each second, new concept arts of Natalie Portman as the female Thor are surfacing online. Here is how Portman will look like the female version of Thor and the comparison with the comic-book look.

Natalie Portman’s Look as Female Thor

Concept Art

It will be a tough job for Marvel to accurately portray the female version of Thor on the bigger screen. But they have a history of adapting some impossible costumes without looking weird, as we saw for Mysterio in Spiderman: Far From Home.

Taika Watiti is working on a comic-accurate costume which doesn’t sexualize the female superhero and is practical for combat. The Red Cape of Thor will be the one thing that remains fixed no matter how different they look or appearance. There will be an Uru armor to protect the body from sharp metal attacks and enough metal to amplify the thunderous electricity.

Comparison between Comics and Movies

Female Thor Concept Art

In the comics, when Jane Foster suffers from the poisonous effects of Aether and gets cancer, Thor transfers his power into her. It saves her life and she becomes the new female Thor called Might Thor or Lady Thor. The comic-book costume is pretty clique with breastplate armor and a helmet.


In the movies, Thor is most of the times seen without a helmet even while fighting. Hence, it can be neglected for the female Thor also in the next movie. While Chris Hemsworth has a solid body and great biceps, the same can’t be said for the actress. Unless Natalie Portman goes to the gym, the arms will be covered up. One thing is sure that Marvel will make Natalie looks amazing as Female Thor in the Thor 4: Love and Thunder.