There are fascinating creatures like Octopuses. They were considered to be terrifying beasts of the deep, capable of sinking a ship and dragging sailors down to their icy graves. We’re better informed when it comes to ocean animals.

We know they are great mothers and intelligent, but did you also know they had feminist leanings? I for one am all for female octopuses throwing objects at males who harass them.


Scientists and researchers around the globe have been fascinated by the Octopus for a long time.

The 8-tentacled cephalopods are captivating. Scientists have been able to record a wide range of octopus behavior over the years.

They are smart enough to figure out how to open a jar. They’re known to be incredibly playful, possess problem-solving skills, and are some of the most skilled hunters of all the creatures living under the sea.


Thanks to a highly developed brain, these incredible creatures are able to do all this.

An animal like a whale or a dolphin isn’t as smart as an animal like an octopus, but they still have large brains compared to their body size. The human-like behavior of the octopuses is due to this.

The researchers have found a new behavioral trait in female octopuses. The courting rituals of these strange animals have something to do with it.


Female and male octopuses will throw objects at each other to ward off sexual attacks.

You heard that correctly. Female octopuses will throw things at males who are harassing them. Who knew that octopuses were feminists?

A group of Australian, Canadian, and US researchers recorded the behavior in 2015. Scientists didn’t have conclusive evidence as to why the females were reacting this way.


It kept happening. Researchers were able to come to a conclusion after studying multiple incidents.

Male Octopuses are pigs. Scientists thought the females were throwing objects to build a nest or remove obstacles from their path. It became clear very quickly that the males were their intended targets.

Females were recorded doing this in order to ward off males. In order to defend against an attack, it was used defensively as well.


Females will throw anything at males.

Salt and sand are often thrown by a female as a means of distraction. They’ve been known to pick up heavy rocks and shells and hurl them at their attackers with alarming accuracy if that doesn’t work.

They’re ready to do this because of a “siphon,” which is a sort of fly impetus framework that permits an octopus to push out a flood of water with unbelievable power.


The males seem to be content with having their advances met in this fashion.

On 10 separate occasions, the female was throwing sand at the male. The male octopus never returned any of the projectiles thrown at it.

The males are happy to dodge objects thrown in their direction. Roughly 50% of the time, most are able to get out of the way.


The moral of the story. Keep your hands and tentacles to yourself.

Unless you’re prepared for a giant rock or shell to be thrown at your head. It appears as if we could all learn a lesson from our friend, the octopus, about manners and consent.

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