Apple iOS 13 jailbreak features

Apple recently unveiled iOS 13, which comes with a lot of bug fixes and features. Interestingly, Apple has copied a lot of jailbreak tweaks and implemented them in the iOS 13.

It is not new for companies to copy and implement the external mods and tweaks done by the community. In the past, Google has implemented many such mods and tweaks to its Android System.

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Here we have a look at the features that iOS 13 has copied from the jailbreak community.

Dark Mode

When leaks of iOS 13 started to surface on the web, everyone got excited about the system-wide dark mode except the jailbreakers.

iOS 13 Features

Jailbreaks already had a tweak; Eclipse released in 2014 enabled the dark mode.

Eclipse is still better than Apple’s variant as it also darkens the unsupported apps.

Control over Wif-Fi and Bluetooth via Control Center

Only Android boasted the ability to control Wif-Fi and Bluetooth directly from the settings until the jailbreaking community decided to do something about it.

iOS 13 Price

They made a tweak to control the networks directly from the Control Center, which now has been implemented in the iOS 13 update.

Redesigned Volume HUD

Apple’s implementation of Volume HUD notification is quite cumbersome and irritating. However, they have decided to implement the new volume hud, which appears on the side of the screen and can be dismissed easily.

iOS 13 Redesigned Volume

As you expect, modders have been using mods StatusHUD, and Sonus 13 like to achieve this functionality.

Update Restriction

Apple has decided to remove the download limit over cellular data altogether.

Again the modders were using tweaks like Unrestrict to bypass this limit for many years.

Support for Third Party Controllers

Apple confirmed that iOS 13 will bring the support for Microsoft Xbox One S and Sony Dual Shock 4 controller.

iOS 13 PS Controller

However, a tweak called ncontrol allowed the older variant of iOS 13 to do the same thing.

Custom Fonts

Users who jailbroke their device were able to customize their device fonts using Bytafont.

Now Apple has decided to support in-app fonts in the iOS 13.

New Low Data Mode

Even though unlimited data has become a norm, many still don’t have it.

iOS 13 comes Low Data Mode for users who are billed over cellular data or have a limited data plan.

These are some of the major features that Apple has copied from the jailbreak tweaks. However, there are a large number of minor tweaks that Apple has copied from the jailbreakers.

Apple might be doing this to reduce the number of people who jailbreak their device for features.