Fear The Walking Dead season 5 episode 3 release date plot spoiler twist

Fear The Walking Dead season 5 has been highly anticipated by fans. Speculations have been on the rise about what to expect from the upcoming installment. The showrunners have also announced that they will be making some drastic changes in the tone of the show. This announcement has further added fuel to the rumors surrounding the show.

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The next season will focus on hope

fear the walking deadThe writers of Fear The Walking Dead season 5 have said that this season will be focused more on hope and moving forward instead of the characters just surviving their conditions.

One of these characters is Victor Strand who worked hard to withstand his conditions and survive them. However, it seems that everything is about to change for this character. Rumour has it that Victor is about to play a huge role in the upcoming season.

The actor who plays Victor also directed the third episode of the fifth reason and said, “I know that I have a very different, a very unique approach to directing for The Walking Dead.”

Colman directed the third episode

Colman went on to add,

“I think I like to make sure we get our days and get our work done. At the end of the day, it’s less about the fancy special shots. You always have a few of those that you want, but more than anything it’s about telling a story.”

Fans of the show can, therefore, expect the third episode to dive into the relationship and emotions between the characters of the show. It will also reveal how they plan on moving forward. They are also set to face an entirely new problem in the form of nuclear walkers in season 5.

Fighting for their lives is not going to be enough anymore. They will also have to look for a better future head. Especially for Victor who will have to let go of his selfish behavior and help his team in saving other survivors. He will also be helped in his quest by Morgan Jones.

Catch Fear The Walking Dead season 5 premiere on AMC on June 2.