Fear the Walking Dead season 5 spoilers

The latest episode of Fear The Walking Dead season 5 finally revealed the fate of Dwight. Actor Austin Amelio talked about the bizarre circumstances and his casting.

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Dwight appears in Fear the Walking Dead season 5 crossover with The Walking Dead

The fans were wondering since long what would happen to Dwight and if they would get to see him in this world after the crossover. June and John Dorie discovered him in Humbug’s Gulch, which is a Wild West theme town. We also got to know that he was searching his wife Sherry after he left The Walking Dead world. June and John also promised to help.

Fear The Walking Dead season 5 Dwight spoilers crossover
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All this happened a deadly gunfight. In an interview, Austin revealed that his appearance on the show was totally unexpected and how it all came together. He wouldn’t have agreed for the crossover. He explained in the interview,

No, but I do have a funny story. I heard that Fear The Walking Dead was going to Texas and I was joking around with Scott [Gimple] maybe a couple months before. I was like, wouldn’t that be funny if Dwight went to [“Fear”].

Fear The Walking Dead season 5 Dwight spoilers crossover
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It all began as a joke, and eventually, things worked out to make it true. He had already forgotten about it by the time it came up. But Dwight’s character had to be involved in the crossover because of the Fear the Walking Dead season 5 storyline.

Dwight is a much darker spot than before. His crossover will also lead to the reunion with Morgan Jones, another crossover from The Walking Dead. It happened in Humbug’s Gulch. Despite coming from the same place, the two don’t know each other much.