Like mothers, fathers play an important role in a child’s mental development. Father and mother have different methods of raising a child. To children, fathers are like superheroes who give them a sense of security. They will be there no matter what time or how long it is if you need a “DAD” call. A man becomes a lovely and gentle guy when he becomes a father.

The way you see the world can be affected by having children. Their pure soul is a new universe that is familiar to you. The journey of seeking our inner child is similar to that of The Little Prince. The one reminds us of who we used to be. We will travel back together if we get on the train full of hilarious dad jokes. Enjoy this journey.


1. That’s a good answer.


2. Parenting be like…


3. Is this a new Olympic sport?


4. Poor Orthodontist.


5. She made a good point.


6. Piece of cake.


7. Rules are rules.


8. Confirmed.


9. Their love keeps her warm.


10. Might wanna lower the expectations.


11. Carry on.


12. Win-win situation.


13. She knows my heart.


14. We’re all aware of who’s more dangerous.


15. She only wanted to be comfy.


16. Good attempt.


17. Mommies own the whole world.


18. Gotta be safe from the LEGOS.


19. One of my experiences.


20. Of course you do, Dad.


21. Epic.


22. She isn’t wrong though.


23. Divide and conquer.


24. Eating. Can’t talk right now.


25. Sounds like… fun?