Social media was surprised by Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to The New York Post, Camila Morrone, the Titanic actor’s girlfriend, was photographed last week having fun in the surf with her mother on a St. Tropez beach.

The 25-year-old was gorgeous in a little white bikini, but her model mother Lucila Solá, who was wearing a grey two-piece and huge hoop earrings, stole the show.

Fans inquired about Solá’s age because she appeared so young in the pictures. When they discovered that Morrone’s mother, 46, is a year younger than her daughter’s boyfriend, 47-year-old DiCaprio, they were in for a terrible surprise.

Many people responded to the news on Twitter by sharing their thoughts.

One expressed shock in a letter: “Leonardo DiCaprio is older than his girlfriends mom?????? He’s born in 1974 and Lucila (Camila’s mom) is born in 1976???”

Adding to the outrage, another user said: “CAMILA MORRONES MOM IS YOUNGER THAN LEONARDO DICAPRIO?!?” A third tweeted: “Thinking abt how Leonardo DiCaprio’s gf’s mom is younger than Leonardo DiCaprio omfg”

A fourth person uploaded a GIF of a woman frowning and wrote: “When you realize Leonardo DiCaprio is older than his girlfriend’s mom.”

Due to his history of dating models who are decades younger than him, DiCaprio has gained a bit of a reputation. The Wolf of Wall Street actor dated a number of early-20s models before getting together with Morrone in 2017, including Kelly Rohrbach, Nina Agdal, and Lorena Rae.

A timeline of the actor’s relationships became viral in 2019. The graph, which was created by a Reddit user, suggested that DiCaprio has a girlfriend cut-off age of 25.

The relationship between the celebrity and 25-year-old Morrone may soon come to an end, according to the chart.

According to reports, the couple started dating after meeting at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival. Morrone, an aspiring actress, and model who had only starred in one movie before meeting DiCaprio—2013’s Bukowski—was no stranger to Hollywood.

Between 2008 and 2018, her mother Solá dated Scarface actor and 82-year-old Al Pacino for ten years. Pacino raised Morrone in Los Angeles and was essentially her stepfather throughout her adolescence.