Paulina Porizkova trolled online

Our society values youth as much as it does beauty. To be old is synonymous with being ugly, and it’s to the point where youth is beauty.

This isn’t the case. There’s nothing ugly about aging because you’ve lived life. Not everyone is on the same page.


People can be ugly online, and that has nothing to do with appearance.

Paulina Porizkova, a former model, was insulted by an internet troll after posting a bikini photo.


She didn’t let the troll take her confidence away.

The troll had the audacity to be ageist and sexist, as shown by the bikini photo posted by the woman.


“A thoughtful reader comment on IG needs an equally thoughtful response.”

On Instagram, she writes, “A woman of 57 is “too old” to pose in a bikini – no matter what she looks like. Because ‘Old’ is ‘Ugly’. I get comments like these every time I post a photo of my body. This is the ageist shaming that sets my teeth on edge.”


“People who believe prettiness equals beauty do not understand beauty.”

“…Beauty can be sharp. It can wound you and leave a scar. To perceive beauty you have to be able to SEE. This is why I believe we get more beautiful with age.”


“We have earned our beauty, we understand what it is, and we can see it so much better.”

“We have earned our beauty, we understand what it is, and we can see it so much better. There is no such thing as ugly and old. Only shortsighted and ignorant.”

Her message was well received by a lot of people.

Women are often shamed for getting older. A society that’s obsessed with youth will see you as “less beautiful” after you find a new wrinkle or gray hair.


Many of her fans took to showing their beauty off in their own posts, despite the fact that older women are still beautiful.

The troll thinks older people have more pain and suffering than women.


They don’t seem to care.

They don’t look like they’re suffering at all. It goes to show that being beautiful doesn’t have to be associated with being young.


It was more than just women joining in on the suffering.

Women are often the targets of ageism and body shame, but men are as well. It’s great to see men embrace their age.


Hopefully, people who speak up will change the narrative.

Getting older is an inevitable part of life. It’s not okay to make people feel bad for aging wrong or aging at all.


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