After seeing Billie Eilish perform in Singapore last weekend, a user of the online marketplace Carousell advertised a bag of the singer’s “air” for hundreds of dollars.

A “rare” bag of Eilish’s air is really being offered for sale by the individual in question, who goes by the username rev1on, for a staggering 15,000 Singaporean dollars (10,000 US dollars).

The item is “extremely unusual,” the seller claims, going on to say: “I stood at the very front and managed to get her air in the plastic when she scream her lungs out during the concert! For those who missed the concert, u can buy this!! Very rare air!!”

The seller also tweeted a picture of the vocalist of “Bad Guy” performing on stage along with photographs of the bag of air up for grabs.

The item was quickly withdrawn from Carousell, which may indicate that the vendor decided to keep this “unique” gem, that they were successful in finding a buyer, or that they realized their efforts to sell what is practically nothing were futile.

In any event, the item has received mockery in response, with one person tweeting: “I don’t even know if my brain would be able to process the nonsense.”

Eilish is now on her Happier Than Ever tour, during which she revealed that because of her incredibly busy performance schedule, she has not seen the sun in “three days.”

The ‘Bored’ hitmaker will visit 47 locations throughout the tour, which will last for six months and end on September 30.

She stated the following in a June interview with the Sunday Times: “It’s kind of a crazy thing that a human does, touring. It is so unnatural for us as people to have such high highs and such low lows. It feels like a blur. It’s like you’re living five different lives at once, bonkers but amazing.”

She continued, though, saying that she was doing her best to catch some natural sunlight each day despite “hating the summertime.”