For whatever reason, certain celebrities can’t imagine being young. It is almost like they froze in time when they reached a certain age. It doesn’t look like he’s aged a single day since The Shawshank Redemption. Don’t get us started on Keanu Reeves. They have been young before, and the photos from their youth might surprise you.

You can check out the famous actors you have never seen before. If you want to read more about celebrities hanging out with their younger selves, see our previous post.


1. Maggie Smith.


2. Ian McKellen.


3. Helen Mirren.


4. Betty White.


5. Morgan Freeman.


6. Angela Lansbury.


7. Colin Firth.


8. Patrick Stewart.


9. Ralph Fiennes.


10. Judi Dench.


11. Julie Andrews.


12. Meryl Streep.


13. Anthony Hopkins.


14. Angela Bassett.


15. Samuel L. Jackson.


16. Bill Murray.


17. Christopher Walken.


18. Hugh Laurie.


19. Willem Defoe.


20. Ricky Gervais.


21. Bryan Cranston.


22. Daniel Day-Lewis.


23. Bill Nye.


24. Idris Elba.


25. Liam Neeson.


26. Jack Nicholson.


27. Charles Dance.


28. Martha Stewart.


29. Bernie Sanders.


30. Joe Biden.


31. Whoopi Goldberg.


32. Oprah Winfrey.


33. Larry David.


34. Bette Midler.


35. Dr. Phil.