This article will recap the second episode of Extrapolations Season 1, titled “2046”. This recap contains spoilers, so proceed with caution. While the episode is beautifully produced and boasts an impressive cast, it can be somewhat convoluted and self-important. However, Sienna Miller’s performance adds a poignant touch to the story.

Rebecca and Ezra

The episode occurs in 2046 when we see Rebecca raising her son Ezra, who is now nine. Ezra tells Rebecca a story his grandmother (played by Meryl Streep) read to him about elephants having wings. Rebecca corrects him, saying that elephants had trunks, not branches, and are now extinct. Later, Ezra comments on the air quality outside and hopes it is not an “orange” day. Rebecca checks and confirms that the air quality is poor due to the heat, which can trigger a condition called “summer heart” that worries her because people usually only live until 30.

Omar’s Death and Its Effects

Rebecca’s husband, Omar, died during storms in Manila, and since his passing, ocean temperatures have been rising. Marine life, including humpback whales, is suffering due to a lack of food. Rebecca works at Menagerie 2100 and travels to the field site by robotic-flown helicopters. During her travels, she flies over an endless forest fire that serves as a reminder of the consequences of climate change.

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Rebecca and Eve

Rebecca’s company has the technology to communicate with whales, and she lost contact with a female humpback whale named Eve, who lost her male son. When Eve finally makes contact, she needs food, but humpback whales need nearly 3,000 lbs of krill daily. It becomes apparent that Rebecca’s company is trying to manipulate Eve into beaching herself because keeping her alive is expensive. One of the workers takes over her station and plays fake male whale calls, hoping to get her to locate the only male left or drive her crazy into suicide. Rebecca, however, tells Eve to ignore the calls and explains what a lie is. She assures Eve that their species will flourish again someday, and she should not give up hope.

Rebecca’s Mother

Ezra’s grandmother passed away years prior from liver cancer, and all the stories Ezra hears from her are pre-recorded. In a touching moment, Rebecca remembers a conversation between her and Omar. They lied to her by telling Rebecca that her mother was improving, but her condition was terminal, and she eventually passed away.


In conclusion, Extrapolations Season 1 Episode 2, “2046,” has flaws, but it is still an engaging and well-produced show. Sienna Miller’s performance adds a poignant touch to the story, and the themes of climate change and loss are explored in a thought-provoking manner.

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