Ghosting isn’t a new phenomenon, but it is most definitely hated by a lot of people. It is when a person ignores another person’s communications to either avoid them or achieve a goal. Ghosting is usually not an okay thing to do, especially when someone on the other end wants to deliver an important message.

The worst part about ghosting is that the person doing it doesn’t care about the other person’s messaging attempts or that they don’t care enough to reply. That can cause a lot of anxiety on the waiting end. It’s not okay to avoid someone by ghosting when there is unfinished business to be settled. They helped resolve a scenario that they witnessed. The story they shared went upvotes and comments on the platform. Leave a comment if you scroll down to find out more.


He made a big mistake when he thought he could ghost his ex-wife.


The entire idea of ghosting is simply so superfluous when you consider it. It is reasonable that individuals these days can feel worn out because of steady correspondence and answers, later on, yet passing on somebody to stand by endlessly when there is the business to complete is apparently not OK. To that end, it likely feels pretty extraordinary when the individual doing the ghosting gets hit with a smidgen of karma.


The story begins with a woman talking to a customer support agent.


It doesn’t feel good to get a bill you didn’t expect, even if you had nothing to do with it. You would call customer support to figure that out. That is what happened to the woman in this story. She got a bill that shouldn’t have happened. She started her call with customer support a month before that.


The woman’s ex-husband tried to get her to give him her services.


The customer support agent received a strange phone call. The bill was due to the woman’s ex-husband, who had cheated on her and run away with another woman, while still taking her assets. The woman was very emotional during the call and it was great to see that the customer support agent was there for her.


The woman was run through her options by the customer support agent.


This is where the story ends. The woman got to know her ex-husband’s location because of a bill the ex had set her up with in the first place. The woman had to get rid of the recurring billing situation and find her ex.


Apparently, the woman had been trying to find her ex-husband with her lawyer.


This is one reason why client service specialists should be dealt with well and with the deference, they approach their day helping various individuals absent a lot of credit, and now and again, as for this situation, put in any amount of work to help their clients for complete goal. The lady got all that she really wanted out of the call, and way more, so the main thing to expect now is that she figures out how to deal with her better half.


The comments were very supportive of the woman and the customer support agent.


This story shows that ghosting while trying to exploit someone doesn’t always work, which is great. The man in question may face consequences for his actions. No one should be treated as a woman in a story.