Apple is going through a rough patch its quarterly earnings as it saw a notable decline of 5%. The company piled up $84.3 billion in revenue now this might seem big but that’s considered a loss for the trillion dollar company.

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Major emerging smartphone markets have seen a decline in iPhone sales. China and India, both markets profoundly contributed to the dip in Apple sales. Apple fans have mostly been disappointed with the current generation of iPhones they carry incremental upgrades from the previous gen devices added to the fact that they cost a lot.

The current iPhone lineup seems bald they carry the same design elements as seen among previous models. The seems to be a dearth of innovation from Apple the company hasn’t experimented much and has used the same formula for success over and over.

2019 iPhones

We already have seen some breakthrough innovation from other manufacturers from foldable screens to in-display fingerprint scanners. Apple, on the other hand, has mostly remained quiet. They have to do something before its too late.

Pressure on the company is huge, the next iPhone upgrades will determine the course of the company.

We are far away from an official announcement but a number of details surroundings some engaging new features from Apple’s 2019 iPhone lineup has been leaked.

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2019 iPhone Lineup:- What We Know So Far

The new iPhone models will most probably carry the same design aesthetics when compared to this gen iPhone’s. The successors to iPhone XR, XS, and XS Max might feature an OLED display though the base variant will come with an LCD Panel.

2019 iPhones

The top-end variant of 2019’s iPhone is rumored to have three sets of cameras, a triple camera system is expected from the most expensive model. A welcome move is the inclusion of bigger batteries for this years iPhone’s.

According to some reports, we might see the introduction of Bilateral wireless charging with the new iPhones.

The hallmark feature with the new iPhones would be the use of next-generation A series of processors from Apple based on 5-Nanometer processing technology. The new chip is expected to have no competitors this new SoC will blow out every opponent it has due to its raw power. The new chip will be more powerful and more power efficient than its counterparts.

After venturing into payment space with its credit card and entering into the streaming market, It will be interesting to see what does Apple this time around with the new iPhones. Will we see an upgrade to iPhone SE with the release of new iPhones only time will tell?