Moms always want the best for their kids. If the kid wants something that is not theirs, there has to be a line somewhere. Artlanta brought a Nintendo on a Southwest Airlines flight.

“I was sitting in a window seat next to two lovely women, and directly horizontal from us was an empty seat, a mom, and her son,” the Redditor wrote in her post on the Entitled Parents subreddit. The mother unbuckled while the plane took off and moved closer to the author.

“Sorrrry,” Atlanta wrote, “I just wanted to know if there was any way that my son could use that game for a little while.” The author didn’t feel comfortable sharing her Nintendo with the kid she didn’t know, so she brought it for herself.

It was clear that the mother was not taking no for an answer when the real scene began.


A woman shared how she was pressured to give her Nintendo to her child because the poor kid had nothing to do during the flight.

Most passengers wouldn’t choose a seat next to a family with babies or children. It doesn’t mean they hate kids, but flying is already a daunting task, being cramped up in a claustrophobic place, already tired from the commute to the airport and security checks. A kid with a lot of patience may take the last drop.

Some parents purchase a round of drinks for other passengers or give them ear plugs to drown out their child’s noisiness because they are aware of that fact. Being prepared is the best thing parents can do when on board with children.

Remove the child’s shoes to prevent them from kicking fellow passengers, give them toys and games to keep them busy, and hand out some snacks for emergencies.


Many people supported the author in the comments.