There is a lot of content on our social media feeds. Think of morning selfies, evening dinners, live videos, countless stories, and we are bombarded with their experiences and ideas. The whole influencer culture has gotten out of control.

Some web VIPs make a special effort to get more likes, adherents, and consideration, just to accidentally uncover their entitled characters. Fortunately, there are a lot of individuals online prepared to uncover their ludicrous ways of behaving. Enter the Choosing Beggars subreddit, a local area committed to “posting screen captures, pictures, or accounts of individuals who are in effect too fastidious while asking for things.”

Some of the best posts of influencers asking to get stuff for free and rightfully getting shamed for it online have been selected. Continue scrolling and vote for your favorites.


1. My mother is an artificial florist and had an influence on 70k followers asking for free flowers.


2. One Approach #couscousforcomment.


3. My Friend Got Shorted By A Pretty Major Influencer.


There has been a rise of new types of celebrities. You suddenly start to see emerging new names, such as mega, macro, micro, and now nano-influencers, transforming our feeds into battlegrounds full of ads, promotions, and brand endorsements.

Today, it’s almost difficult to go through Instagram without running over no less than one supported post or a painstakingly arranged item picture. In any case, few out of every odd force to be reckoned with unsettles our otherwise calm disposition. There are a lot of fair individuals out there who share their encounters and stories since they by and large need to interface with their crowd. An individual touch goes quite far with buyers, so their supporters can unquestionably feel it.

People who think they are famous can become greedy. They push forward and keep going, no matter how much it costs. The size of their follower base is one of the things that makes them relevant to the professionals in advertising.


4. I received some advice after I had a conversation with a person named Tiktok. This is what the first person I made an offer to.


5. Large “Influencer” Wants Free Clothing From My Small Brand.


6. They’re Back!


Obviously, this industry has soared throughout recent years. As indicated by Statista, force to be reckoned with promoting has become one of the most well-known and compelling types of web-based showcasing. A huge number of individuals peruse the net each and every day, searching for amusement, motivation, and an assortment of proposals. Along these lines, obviously, advertising experts utilize this as a chance to advance their organizations and clients.

“The global influencer marketing market value has more than doubled since 2019, standing at around 13.8 billion U.S. dollars as of 2021,” Statista reports. The industry will only get bigger and stronger every year, making the collaborations between creators and brands even more fruitful.


7. Influencers Are The Worst Choosing Beggars.


8. Influencers ask for free meals in exchange for reviews and exposure.


9. I have been waiting for this moment and a local 15-year-old wants a pair of hand-painted Air Force 1s.


10. Instagram Influencers Offer The Best Incentives To Work For Them!


Numerous influencers endeavor to dramatically become the number of supporters on their web-based entertainment stages. However, individuals with 1,000 devotees some of the time as of now feel qualified with the expectation of complimentary stuff since they toss around “openness” each opportunity they get. All things considered, as you have most likely seen from this post, they will generally misjudge their value and on second thought wind up looking egotistical and absolutely irritating in the absolute worst ways.


11. New Zealander Tired Of “Influencers” BS.


12. It would cost her money to have her Implants removed. Her exposure will pay for the money she doesn’t pay.


13. Influencer wants people to work on their startup for three months with no pay and no leaves. I’m going to be very hard on you.


People are getting very confused about the whole influencer culture. Some artists and businesses choose to give in or simply ignore their shaming requests, but others are making a stand and publicly their entitled and toxic personalities online. There is nothing more satisfying than watching someone else put themselves in their place.

According to Joei Chan, global head of content at Linkfluence, more and more people are seeing a lack of authenticity in internet celebrities’ posts. “People are sick of all the generic cookie-cutter posts showing celebrities posing with teeth-whitening kits, boutique clothing, or even appetite-suppressing lollipops. Instead, social media users are looking for real, unstaged content to engage with,” she wrote.


14. I need exposure, but not this way, and I think the amount of Emojis he used is frightening.


15. They wouldn’t give her a discount even though she’s an influential person.


16. “Influencers” If Words Had Punchable Faces, That One Would Be The Most Punchable!


Plus, let’s not forget the rise of fake influence. “Influencers face huge incentives to boost their numbers when it comes to followers, likes, and comments, and this has given rise to issues with bots, paid follows, and other shortcuts,” Chan mentioned.

“In fact, studies have found cases where the influencers engaged by major brands have follower bases that are estimated to be up to 70% fake. This isn’t just a massive headache for brands: it’s also another huge reason behind the disillusionment with influencers in general.”


17. Agatha Christie wrote about a death on the Nile in 1937.


18. Before you can have free stuff, you need an influence.


19. My friend who is about to start a business got this today from a person who wants her to send clothing for free to post on IG. She will be selling traditional Indian clothing. The prices are hundreds of dollars per saree.


20. She is taking applications for another paid trip abroad for her and her girlfriends. The makeup artist must be included.