It has caused many buyers to cry a lot because of the topic of “crying wine and selling vinegar” of online shopping. Occasionally, the items they purchase are completely different from the images on the shop websites. They bought a foldable piano, but only a piece of paper with music notes printed on it. They bought a hamburger full of ingredients, but it was nothing more than a slice of bread. These bad experiences have caused them to lose faith in online shopping.

You can see the opposite side from the below list. The people received gifts that were beyond their expectations. It was lucky for them that it was the result of daily gains in virtue. It might be a miracle if we got more than we asked for. Those make us assume that lucky angel has not abandoned us yet. 16 people have won the lottery, and their good fortune has come at the right time.


1. This dosa is bigger than harm.


2. Yes, these are burgers.


3. Nice try.


4. Mini starfish in mussels.


5. A 2.5 dollar gold coin from 1852.


6. Two brides taking a picture together.


7. This house still has its original milk door.


8. The best and most adorable thrift store finds ever.


9. That moment when you realize it’s a Lucy Glo apple instead of an actual one.


10. This is unfair.


11. That feeling when you win an expensive device in a contest.


12. Make sure you’re doing it right.


13. This mail contains an ad that looks like The Shining.


14. Dancing carrot.


15. Spotted a moonbow while hiking.


16. Halloween pizzas at a grocery store.