Everyone who has ever worked an honest job has had a moment when they didn’t get paid enough. Or many. It is a dramatic moment when you feel the final straw breaking your back and you decide to leave. Preferably singing, “Fudge this manure, I’m out!”

You are likely to relate to a lot of these stories. After user Indian_boy786 started a thread about the stories that made them give up and leave or raise their voices, the stories that made them give up and leave or raise their voices were posted on the site. You can upvote the stories that made you laugh by scrolling down and grabbing some popcorn. A sense of humor helps when dealing with things like this.

In an inside and out interview, the writer of the string and a salesman in India by profession, Indian_boy786, filled us in regarding what motivated them to strike up the point on Reddit, offered us some guidance on the most proficient method to manage inconsiderate clients, and chiefs, as well as what you should do on the off chance that you observe that you can’t remain at your present place of employment even a second longer.



I worked at Walmart in 2009. I apologized after I scanned a big box fan for a guy and it didn’t ring up. The guy said that it was $24. After staring at him for a while, I reached up and turned my register light off, walked out to my car, and went home.



One lady came up to me while I was checking out people at a grocery store and said the first thing that came to her mind, “You’re a failure and an embarrassment. If you were my child, I would beat your arse.” I didn’t do anything but ask how she was. Like what. Her card declined after that.



The customer coughed in my face when I took his order as a way of protesting.

A 17-year-old making minimum wage is responsible for a global epidemic and forcing you to wear masks.


“I was at work and my phone fell off the desk resulting in its death. So long partner. It was a tense day and I was mentally and physically exhausted then I asked myself, ‘Am I getting paid enough for this’ which I posted on Reddit,” Indian_boy786, the original poster, told.

“I have been around Reddit for a few years now and I have received my fair share of upvotes and awards but this post blew up. It was on Reddit’s popular page for 3 days and became one of the most interacted posts on r/AskReddit. The people interacting on the post helped me a lot going through that month. There were so many people which I could relate to on a cosmic level. I felt happy as to where I am currently because people out there are struggling more than me and working harder than me each day. It actually changed my perspective towards so many things and I am thankful for it,” the Redditor shared just how much the thread impacted them.



A fabric foreign body was removed from a dog. People wanted to see what it was. We found a pair of panties when we cleaned it up. The wife looked at them and went red.

“Those. Aren’t. Mine.”

There was a castle of lies that the husband had in our lobby. We had other clients in the lobby getting really uncomfortable when they were removed because they were going at it with no intention of taking it somewhere else.



The cashier is at the grocery store. The customer was angry because her cereals rung up differently. The lady berated me the whole time I called a price check. She accused me of trying to steal from her. She said she was going to get me fired.

I looked at her and said, “I make $7.25 per hour no matter how much you pay for this cereal, so I do not give a [damn] how this situation turns out.”

She looked at me in shock. The price check says the price was scanned correctly. Silence.

I said, “So do you want the cereal or not?” She said, “Yes.” And that was that. She did not complain to the manager.



I volunteered at the park. One of the park rangers would drive people to work. You should be checked on throughout the day.

B*tch told me to clean the bathroom. I was like, “Nope, that’s not happening. I’m here to work OUTSIDE.”

She told me, “You’re gonna do whatever I tell you to do or I won’t sign off on your hours.”

I had to explain that not everyone who volunteered to work was sentenced to Community Service.


They get their fair share of rude and sweet customers, so they work in sales. A customer who was rude and violent made them lose their patience. The customer was complaining to Indian_boy786 even though they got the wrong company and this had nothing to do with them. They got their revenge by sending him to a completely different city and the wrong address.

Indian_boy786 thinks that rude managers are being paid for the work they do. Don’t correct a rude manager and work for yourself. Look for a better job and after you leave, write a letter to the boss and tell your coworkers to do the same. Managers are not hired by any company after they are kicked out. If you decide to switch jobs, the Redditor suggests nodding politely, brushing your teeth, and ruining your manager’s career. Revenge isn’t for everyone and is the last resort.



I ran the company’s financials and general management for fourteen dollars an hour. The owner told me I should be a stay-at-home mom after I told him I needed a raise and needed an assistant. I quit the next day.