Emmerdale’s Shila Iqbal actresss fired from show, here’s why


    Emmerdale, the famous British television programme is in the news. The popular show is liked and watched across the globe. However, it is particularly famous in the UK. The story is about a community in Yorkshire village. Programme revolves around the ups and downs of the people of the community.

    Emmerdale star sacked from the show

    However, the show is in news for reasons not so great. This is especially for people who like the character Aiesha Richards.

    The actress has been sacked. Yes, you have heard it right. The actress who plays the character is Shila Iqbal. And now you won’t be seeing Shila playing Aiesha in Emmerdale.

    Emmerdale star sacked from the show

    Emmerdale star sacked from the show Source: Female First

    The reasons for this sacking isn’t because of anything which Shila did recently. The reasons are associated with her past actions. Shocking, isn’t it? It is for us as well.

    Reasons for sacking

    The real reason behind this sacking is offensive social media tweets. These tweets were made by the actress when she was only 19 years old.

    Not something she did recently. However, she still was sacked because of her action. This happened as soon as the news was bought into the attention of the bosses.

    A spokesperson told Metro that the role of Aiesha Richards will no longer be played by Shila Iqbal. This is because of her historic social media posts. The spokesperson further says that the decision is to not renew her contract.

    The tweets

    The tweets were made in 2013. Moreover, then Shila was attending her college. The tweets are a series of racial comments by the Emmerdale star. Moreover, in those comments, she has used the “n” word.

    Emmerdale star sacked from the show- find out complete story here

    The cast of Emmerdale
    Source: Hello Magazine

    Shila has deleted that account. However, she confirms that she was 19 then.

    She has also issued a statement apologizing for the same. Shila says that she is sorry for using an inappropriate language. She further adds that she has paid the price for it.

    It is yet not clear whether the scenes of her from the upcoming episodes will be removed or not.

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