Pete Davidson is dating Emily Ratajkowski, who is his new girlfriend. A source tells that the comedian, who is 28, and the model and actress, who is 31, are seeing each other.

“Pete and Emily have known each other for a while because they run in similar circles. They’ve always had a good time together and liked each other,” says the source. “More recently, they have spent one-on-one time with each other and things have become flirtatious between them. Emily is playing the field and enjoying dating.”

Us Weekly was the first to report the news, and a source has contacted Davidson and Ratajkowski’s representatives to find out more.

About three months have passed since Davidson broke up with Kim Kardashian. After dating for nine months, the two broke up in August.

In September, Ratajkowski asked Sebastian Bear-McClard for a divorce. Since then, she has been linked to Brad Pitt and DJ Orazio Rispo. But in October, Ratajkowski told Variety that she was “newly single,” even though there were rumors that she was dating someone.

“I’m newly single for basically the first time in my life ever, and I just feel like I’m kind of enjoying the freedom of not being super worried about how I’m being perceived,” she said.

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Both Davidson and Ratajkowski have worked with each other before. Davidson was still dating Kardashian, who is 42 years old, when Ratajkowski defended the Meet Cute star on Late Night With Seth Meyers in November 2021. Ratajkowski and Davidson worked together on a photo shoot, and she called him “a pro” and said, “I was impressed.”

She also said what she thought about Davidson’s charm and talked about why women like him.

“He’s got the height, obviously women find him very attractive,” she said, adding of those questioning the Saturday Night Live alum’s appeal, “I feel like only other men feel that way. Guys are like, ‘Wow, what’s that guy got?’ He seems super charming, vulnerable, lovely. His fingernail polish is awesome. He looks good! Good relationship with his mother, we love it!”

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Kardashian and Ratajkowski also know each other from the past. In 2016, they took a topless selfie together and flipped off the camera after Piers Morgan made fun of Kardashian in public for a nude photo. Ratajkowski stood up for the mother of four on Twitter and then posed with her for the picture that made headlines.

“Kim was kind enough to send me flowers,” Ratajkowski told The Evening Standard Magazine at the time. “Then we decided to do a selfie with our tops off, flipping off the camera, which I think speaks for itself.”

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A source told last month that Davidson and Kardashian have kept in touch since they broke up.

“Pete and Kim still keep in touch,” the source said. “It wasn’t a bad fallout or breakup, so things are good between them and they’ve remained in contact.”