Emilia Clarke has all of a sudden been spotted among the listed cast members for Aquaman 2 on Google, which has led to speculation that she will be playing the role of the new Mera.

It’s possible that Emilia Clarke will take over the role of Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom after Amber Heard steps down to make room for her in the DC Extended Universe. There has been a popular fan campaign for the role of Mera to be recast in the sequel for a number of years now. This has been made possible in large part by the highly publicized feud that has existed between Heard and her ex-husband Johnny Depp. There is also an online petition that has gone viral, calling for Heard to be removed from the movie. Since then, more than 4.6 million people have signed the petition, which can be found on Change.org. The numbers are so high that we have no choice but to assume that the executives at Warner Bros. have at least considered the possibility of recasting the role via reshoots.

There has not been any evidence to suggest that Heard has been removed from her role at this time; however, as we head into the weekend, new rumors have surfaced suggesting that the recasting may have actually taken place. Many fans appear to have noticed that when they look up the cast on Google for Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Emilia Clarke’s name suddenly appears alongside Jason Momoa and the other confirmed stars of the film. This appears to be the source of this rumor. Due to the fact that this is on the internet, it is possible that this is just a simple mistake; however, there are some fans who believe that this is a hint that an official recasting announcement is going to be made soon.

Some fans are also using this occasion to lobby Warner Bros. to recast the role, in the event that they haven’t already done so. If they haven’t already done so. A supporter of Clarke tweeted the following: “Tell you what WB. Release Aquaman with AH and release a version with Emilia Clarke as Mera, let’s see which one does better. I’d put money on the later doing the best!! And by best I mean absolutely blowing the AH version out the water (accidental pun!!)”

In the meantime, some fans have been further convinced of the potential casting thanks to some new fan art created by Diego de Sousa. One supporter gave a reaction to the artwork, which is also going viral, by posting the following message on Twitter: “Emilia Clarke is beautiful, she fits the role better for Aquaman, has better chemistry with Jason mamoa and doesn’t SH¥T on beds. That’s a plus.”


Fans have been advocating for Emilia Clarke to take on the role of Mera for a number of years.

Fans have been clamoring for Emilia Clarke to play Mera in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom since the movie was first announced. It’s a request that’s been made by a lot of people over the years, and it’s led to the creation of other works of fan art as well as petitions to get the recasting done. Again, there hasn’t been anything official to suggest that Clarke will actually be in the movie, and a Google cast listing is certainly not a confirmation. However, considering that there have been recent reshoots to get Ben Affleck into the film, who’s to say that the same thing couldn’t have happened with Clarke?

Fans have chosen Clarke as the ideal replacement because she has demonstrated screen chemistry with Momoa, which is one of the reasons why they have come to this conclusion. A romantic relationship existed between these two characters in a previous season of Game of Thrones, and viewers would enjoy seeing them work together again in future production. However, Clarke is not the only name that has been suggested; Blake Lively is another candidate that has garnered a lot of support from followers as a potential replacement for Amber Heard.

Only time will tell if there are actually any recastings that take place. The current plan calls for the release of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom to take place on December 25th, 2023.