An Egyptian court wants a legal amendment to allow live broadcasts of the execution of a man who was convicted of killing a female student.

A jury in Egypt found a man guilty of murdering a fellow student outside a university.

According to local reports, officials wrote to parliament to request a live broadcast of his hanging in order to prevent similar crimes from occurring in the future.

The court wrote a letter to the parliament. “The broadcast, even if only part of the start of proceedings, could achieve the goal of deterrence, which was not achieved by broadcasting the sentencing itself.”

She rejected his advances and was stabbed to death by him outside the university. According to some outlets in the country, she rejected a marriage proposal.

He pleaded guilty to her killing and was sentenced to death, but it had to be approved by Egypt’s grand mufti, a religious figure who has authority in particular legal cases.

The verdict was made public on July 24.

The murder of a student at a university in Jordan just days after the video of the killing of Ashraf went online made the outrage in the Middle East even more intense.

There are increasing cases of violence against women in the North African country, with many taking aims at the authorities for not treating the issue as seriously as they should.

Law enforcement did not do enough to investigate cases of gender-based violence, and the courts did not give enough sentences, according to a report last year.

Attorney Farid El-Deeb was the lead defense lawyer for Hosni Mubarak.

The defendants would appeal the sentence, according to El-Deeb. He was quoted as saying, “We still have 60 days to challenge the death sentence against Adel.”

Over the years, death sentences in Egypt have significantly gone up.