FIFA Street release date

FIFA, the legendary footie stimulator is arguably one of the most successful games out there in the market as of now. FIFA Street, along with the game has turned out to be a thriving move for EA. However, the former might get a transformation.

Since its launch, the footie franchise has come a long way. A couple of game modes and features have been eliminated. The likes of Street FIFA met with a similar fate.

The game was the first football video-game that replicated the way the game around the world authentically. Genuine street dribbling styles and tricks comprise the essence of the game.

FIFA Street

Fans believe that a remastered version of FIFA is on its way.

Is It really happening?

Well to be honest there’s nothing that shows that the game can become a reality. there’s no official announcement not even a slightly of hits by the company.

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It looks like EA is focusing on catering to FIFA 19 and using its resources to develop their current game.

EA’s next undertaking seems to be focused on the usual FIFA 20 release.

Memories of fans playing FIFA street are suddenly flooding back to them and nostalgia is also hitting hard on them.

Fans are demanding a FIFA street release but will the developer EA listen? Can we a game mode in FIFA 20 or something else? Only time will tell.