Y’all don’t need a magic ball to guess that FIFA 20 is on its way – the footie simulator franchise markets and sells millions of units each year. Approximately 4.3 million units were sold in the first week.

The publisher, Electronic Arts(EA) makes unbelievable sums of money with the FIFA franchise. So, with all that FIFA 2020 video-game is all but definite.

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We’re yet to have any sort of evidence concerning the announcement of the new EA game but as the FIFA franchise is such a significant cash cow for the developer expect a release timeframe soon.

FIFA 20 Release Date

The FIFA franchise normally debuts in the late September of every year, the previous FIFA installment, FIFA 19 saw a 28th September release. So we’d anticipate EA to stick with the schedule for the FIFA 20 release.

Any sort of gameplay videos and footage regarding the new game is as of now not available but we’d expect EA to show things during the E3 2019 event. Maybe even the game trailer.


The demo’s being released for games in this EA franchise. The same goes for FIFA 20. FIFA 19’s demo came out two weeks before the game’s official launch. If the same trail is followed then we expect FIFA 20 demo to hit the market by 14 September.

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FIFA 20: The New Stuff

Eventually, a FIFA game will have the use of dynamic weather in the game’s environment. The Frostbite Engine that the game uses is very much capable of doing the same.

Dynamic weather is not a gimmick it changes the way you play your game. say for example it starts raining in the game, now due to dynamic weather they players will slip more often and make more mistakes.

FIFA 20: The New Stuff

There will also be the apparent, general Graphical advancements and roster updates.

Back in FIFA 13, you hand an option to play as a Manager. You could acquire or trade players, just like a real manager. If need be, you could enroll yourself in the team.

The new FIFA might enhance the career mode by adding features like players asking wage renewals.

No Physical Release After FIFA 20?

EA will accustom the subscription-based model for its FIFA games. The rise of a subscription-based mechanism is very striking. More and more developers are doing the same. So if EA decides to pursue the same route then it won’t be a surprise.

EA’s CEO Andrew Wilson also hinted at the same. He stated:

The greatest disruptor to the consumption of entertainment media in the last five years has been the combination of streaming plus subscription.

It will interesting to see if the FIFA fanbase embraces this new change.