Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11: Spoilers, Online Stream and Release Date

The tenth episode of Dragon Ball Heroes was pretty decent but you can’t expect too much from them. Dragon Ball Heroes has done amazingly well till now. It’s fun to watch the mindless action at times, while it makes one wonder if the series is even worth watching. However, Dragon Ball Heroes has aired for quite some time now, so let’s dive into Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11.

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Before we begin with Dragon Ball Heroes, we’d like to tell all readers that this article may have some spoilers from the past episodes of Dragon Ball Heroes. Being said that, let’s begin!

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11: Spoilers and Synopsis

Episode 10 saw Goku using the Ultra Instinct, dominating all his opponents, all thanks to it. However, we all came across a massive shift in power when he ran out of Ultra Instinct. This is where Vegeta came in and before the episode got over, we witnessed Vegeta using the Blue Super Saiyan Evolution.

The forthcoming anime episode will feature the fight between Hearts and Vegeta. The episode also promises the best of animation sequences until now. We know that Dragon Ball Heroes isn’t known for good animation but it’s speculated that the creator Naotoshi Shida will be working on it.

Official synopsis

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11- Release Date

Trembling from his intense rage, Vegeta transforms into SSGSS: Evolution! Meanwhile, Hearts finally starts to show off his true abilities. Who will take control of the increasingly fierce battle in Universe 11?!

Dragon Ball Heroes Episode 11: Release Date

We won’t have to wait for long for the next Dragon Ball Heroes episode. The episode streams on May 9.

How to Stream Online

You may watch it on Funimation and Crunchyroll.

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