A source has learned that the people who worked on Dr. Oz’s long-running talk show won’t talk to him anymore because of his failed run for the U.S. Senate in Pennsylvania.

The source was the first to report that Oz has been trying hard to plan a comeback on TV after losing his race to Democrat John Fetterman. Oz got about 2.4 million votes, while Fetterman got about 2.7 million.

No one in the mainstream will touch him,

a source said.

You can’t alienate half of your audience with a political stance and expect to bring in an audience on your return to television,

the source added.

Oz is reportedly said to have impressed the bosses at Fox News and Newsmax, but no firm offers came out of it. Oz is likely to come back and play small parts on right-wing networks.

But sources told that Oz wants his own show back, saying,

He wants a daily gig. But it is not going to happen.

Another source said,

He’s beating the bushes to revive his health-oriented talk show and groveling to everyone he knows to give him a break, but he’s not making much progress.

An insider said,

He can’t even get a word with his former producers. Dr. Oz is a social creature who likes to hear himself talk, and it’s beginning to dawn on him that he’s just now wanted in Hollywood circles anymore.

From September 2009 to January 2022, Oz had a talk show. He quit the show so he could start his campaign.

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During the months he spent on the campaign trial, a bad light was shined on Oz’s questionable medical advice and opinions, which hurt his reputation a lot.

Many people said that Oz’s run for the U.S. Senate was opportunistic and self-serving because he had no real ties to the Keystone State. They also said that Oz, who had lived in New Jersey for a long time, only bought a property in Pennsylvania in December 2021 for political reasons.