Doom Patrol season 2 release date update

Doom Patrol was first teased in DC’s Titans Episode 4 and right after, the spin-off got its original main show. Doom Patrol has been one of the craziest Superhero TV Series in this time. Featuring one of the most diverse cast, its first season was amazing.

Given its success, huge rating and love from fans, Season 2 has been ordered at DC studios. Doom Patrol is much more than a traditional superhero show. It featured a band of misfits, who are brought together by the chief.

Here’s everything we need to know about the upcoming Season 2.

Doom Patrol Season 2 Plot

Doom Patrol season 2 release date update While the last two episodes of the first season are yet to air, it’s a bit hard to predict the storyline for the next season. One thing is for sure, the season 2 will be a lot crazier and bigger than the first one.

The show will feature different evil characters from different time periods, making it weirder. The whole new upcoming season might feature comic book characters such as Mineral Man, Monsieur Mallah, Beard Hunter, Dany the Street along with other silver age loadstone characters.

Cast of Doom Patrol Season 2

Doom Patrol season 2 release date update

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The regular team of DP superheroes or better-called misfits will return for the second season, along with some new faces. The main cast with their respective characters are as follows:

  • Elasti-Woman played by April Bowlby
  • Cyborg played by Joivan Wade
  • Negative Man played by Matt Bomer
  • Crazy Jane played by Diane Guerrero
  • Robotman played by Brendan Fraser
  • Dr. Niles Caulder/The Chief played by Timothy Dalton
  • Mr. Nobody played by Alna Tudyk

Trailer and Release Date

Doom Patrol season 2 release date update

The first trailer for the tv show was released around the end of the last year and the series premiere was aired in February this year. Looking at that trend, we can conclude that the trailer for season 2 will be released around December 2019.

The second season might go live in early or mid-2020, but looking at audience reactions, it might enter into production this year.

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