There are tons of pros to living in the countryside. Every time you get out to take in some fresh air after a long day of work, you can see your neighbor’s donkeys. If that sounds too specific, I will tell you that I know how cute donkeys are. Have you ever seen a baby donkey? They are often overshadowed by their equine counterparts, but they have a unique charm that can’t be beaten. The long ears, big eyes, and lipped mouths that hide big-ass teeth are the main reasons why they look so funny. Don’t let their appearance fool you; donkeys are very kind-hearted and sensitive animals who make great pets. They are hard-working animals that have supported humanity for farming, transport, and as pack animals for hundreds of years. Take a look at some of our favorite cute donkey pictures if you ever need a smile again.


1. I did not see any small donkeys here. So here you go!


2. Colorado man is back with his donkey after the fire.


3. There is a special bond between my friend’s donkey and a barn cat.


4. A sweet smile of a donkey.


5. Just a guy cuddling up with his donkey.


6. I was worried that my dad would be lonely after he retired. He sent me a picture of a donkey that he saved.


7. A donkey is hanging out in a pool.


8. Donkey On A Fence.


9. My Dad sent me a picture of him and one of his miniature donkeys.


10. Mini Baby Donkey.


11. One of my friends’ donkeys is enjoying the sun.


12. Baby Donkey.


13. The Donkey wants cookies when you are trying to photograph a rainbow.


14. There is a real-life Puss in boots.


15. Cheerful Donkey.


16. There was a donkey greeting the customers in this mountain hut.


17. A Miniature Donkey was born at the zoo.


18. Donkey Hugs.


19. There’s always the one who’s a cheeky one.


20. I raise you mine, I see your baby donkey.


21. When he wants food, my miniature donkey is there.


22. Baby Donkey.


23. I think my friend missed me after being out of town for work.


24. My cousin has a cat and a donkey.


25. Lil donkey enjoying the warm sun.


26. This donkey is feeling good today!


27. Hay There!


28. It is not a puppy or a kitten. The new baby is called Donkey Nelly.


29. Baby donkeys are just so cute!


30. A newborn baby and her mother are building a bond.