On Monday, the federal prosecutors escalated the investigation into the inaugural committee set up by President Trump. The officials have been asked to turn over the documents about finances, activities and donors.

Documents related to the guests and donors of the committee including any benefits like photo opportunities and tickets, federal disclosure filings, contracts, vendors and many more must be submitted, as the subpoena demands.

The investigation began last year when the inaugural committee was scrutinized. It has now spread beyond President Trump’s potential ties with Russia during the presidential election of 2016. It virtually includes all aspects of Trump’s adult life including his campaign, business, presidency and inauguration.



In the subpoena, interest was shown in illegal donations by the foreigners to the committee and whether the staff members of the committee were aware about them or not. Foreign contributions to political action committees, inaugural funds and federal campaigns are prohibited by federal law.

Prosecutors have also asked for documents related to contractors and vendors associated with the committee, which managed to raise around $107 million.


According to the sources, the prosecutors want to know about potential money laundering and election fraud. There is a possibility that the inaugural committee is not a suspect for these violations. The crimes were cited for justifying the demand for documents.


Imaad Zuberi, President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton’s former fund-raiser who was seeking inroads with Mr Trump, was named in the subpoena. His company Avenue Ventures also contributed $900,000 for the inaugural committee. Documents regarding this company also needs to be submitted.

Stripe is also named in the subpoena. The company created technology for processing credit card transactions. There is also a possibility that the inaugural committee furnished false statements to the Federal Election Commission, said the prosecutors.

Source: NY Times, United Daily News

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