President Trump Melania Trump divorce

Rumors have been around regarding ‘fake Melania’, the extended and unexplained hospital stay and the repeated slip-ups caught on tape. All this points out to a sham marriage or perhaps even a divorce between President Donald and Melina Trump.

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New book claims President Donald Trump and Melania Trump marriage is a sham

Michael Wolff’s recent book Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House gives more than a hundred sources that the Trumps have a ‘non-marriage’ for the sake of cameras. Speculations have been around that the marriage between First Lady Melania Trump and President Trump is a fake one. Now, this explosive new book tells us some good reasons to believe that.

The book is receiving heavy criticism from both sides of politics. The wild claims made by the author are not accepted yet. Sources claim that the author’s information is not credible as there are factual errors in the book.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump divorce rumors
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Siege: Trump Under Fire claims that the First Lady never wanted to be in the White House and is happily leading a separate life. Former advisor Steve Bannon also said that he never saw any evidence of a marriage. He never saw Melania Trump have any say in decision making as well. But he also accepted that he was not in touch with the President for a year, so this could question his authority.

The book also claims that the two have separate bedrooms and minimum interactions with one another. In fact, Melania Trump delayed her shift to the White House as she wanted to keep their son in New York until the end of his school year. As far as the book is concerned, it’s almost as if President Donald Trump and Melania Trump are divorced, or at the very least, separated.

Donald Trump and Melania Trump divorce rumors
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It had taken Melania almost six months to officially relocate from New York to Washington, but that was in name only.

Does Melania Trump have a body double?

There’s another theory about Melania’s body double as well. President and the First Lady have been dodging these rumors for a long time now.