Our dogs are always surprised by us. Sometimes with their dumb actions and other times with their intelligent reactions. Our dogs are gems with big hearts and we love them. We love them the same no matter how crazy or weird they get. We can’t help but laugh when we catch our dogs in awkward situations.

When Britney walked in on her dog who was sitting like a human, she thought it was funny. She captured the moment and tweeted about it saying “My dog is a weirdo bro.” The account had 1.2 million likes. People shared their pictures of their dogs and cats who also sit like humans in a thread that turned into an entire thread. There are 30 photos of dogs and cats in this collection.


1. A fabulous weirdo though.


2. The sign of a pure gentleman.


3. This one seems to be meditating.


4. Snoop D O DOUBLE G!


5. Maybe because he has long legs.


Why do some animals sit the same way as us? There are many reasons why attention-seeking is one of them. Dogs enjoy it when they are appreciated, celebrated, and given attention. We notice and laugh when they sit like us. They are engaging with us in a way that makes us smile. Cats sit like us to groom themselves. Cats are often grooming themselves. They don’t sweat like us. They lick their fur to keep it cool. When they are heated, sitting like us allows them to cool off. The air gets to their belly. Animals sitting like us is a sign that they don’t want to fight. They are very vulnerable at that time. The stomach is open.


6. Pretending to be a cat?


7. This one’s definitely gonna say something in a British accent.


8. Snoozing like an old man.


9. Like father and son, you know.


10. When your boss hands you more work.


11. Looks like his girlfriend just broke up with him.


12. Guess he’s looking for something.


13. Little derp.


14. Can I help you?


Rhubarb is a charming F1 toy. She is 6 months old. That is what her mom said:

“It was in the morning, my partner and I have been working from home and we put on the TV in the background whilst we work, and we looked up and noticed her sitting upright on the sofa watching the program with us. It was such funny behavior for a puppy. She loves watching TV, she often groans if you do something she doesn’t agree with, which is quite funny, and she loves to stand on two feet.” Further, Tamsin added that suppose “with all of us being at home during the lockdown, our dogs are picking up on people behaviors.”


15. Hooman, it’s no time to summon me.


16. That’s a loaf!


17. Thinking about life.


18. Hooman, drive carefully!


19. This one’s high!


20. Looks like he lost something.


21. Handsome lad!


22. On your mark, get set, GO!


23. Where’s the newspaper?!


24. Practicing for the cheer squad.


25. She wants to be a ballerina.


26. Doing a side plank.


27. Staring with total adoration!


28. He looks like a grandpa when you change the channel.


29. He is!


30. Normal is boring.