We tend to ignore our symptoms when we are sick, like allergies or the AC. Our cute pets resting by our side and trying to nurse us back to health is one sign that we can’t ignore. Sometimes intuition can save lives and they seem to have a 6th sense when it comes to our well-being.

Kelly Andrew told a story about how her dog saved her daughter’s life. The pet could sense that things were getting worse, even though the parents knew their baby had a cold. She felt a bit fed up with the dog because he kept breaking into the nursery and waking the baby. Her baby stopped breathing.

The post touched the hearts of thousands and sparked a conversation about how pets make our lives better.


A writer from Boston tells a story about how her dog saved her baby’s life.

In an interview with Good Morning America, Kelly Andrew mentioned that when she shooed Henry away, he would go back in as soon as her back was turned. Fortunately, this behavior was not usual for their pet, so it captured their attention just in time for them to rush their baby to the hospital. “She wasn’t clearing her airway. She started to turn blue and go rigid, and she just really couldn’t get air.”

Doctors at the hospital were able to clear the baby girl’s airway and make sure she was well enough to return to her home. The couple mentioned that their dog will get an additional gift this Christmas.

Kelly’s husband said, “[We’re] definitely spoiling the dog a little bit more.” “He was allowed to sleep in bed with me last night, and he’s got a steak in his future.” The parents of the Boston terrier are very proud of him. Kelly said that he’s never done anything like that before.

The post was liked and shared thousands of times, with users sharing their own stories. Pets do heroic acts in order to help their humans. Whether it’s saving a child from SIDS, helping people cope with depression and mood swings, or dealing with seizures, people flooded the thread with tales about their little friends.


Many users started using the same experience after her story went viral.



How do our pets know that something is wrong with us? Dogs are known for their sense of smell and people have used it for hundreds of years. According to science writer Mia Rozenbaum, “Dogs’ sense of smell is so subtle that they can notice the slightest change in human scent caused by disease.”

Cancer, malaria, Parkinson’s disease, COVID-19, and more are some of the diseases that dogs can detect. For example, “Canines proved to be able to correctly pick out the scent of children infected with malaria parasites 70 percent of the time, from socks they had worn all night,” she wrote.






They are able to detect signs of illness before a person gets sick. Dogs can pick up biochemical changes in the body that can lead to a narcoleptic moment. They told the humans in advance so they wouldn’t get injured. Dogs can help with knowing when the blood sugar level is spiking or dropping in people with diabetes.






It will take a while for dogs to be used in clinics because of the research showing they can bring diseases to light. “Researchers mostly still don’t know exactly what chemical compounds dogs detect to alert to the presence of the disease,” Rozenbaum explained.

“Knowing more precisely what the dogs are noticing would allow their training to be standardized, but even then the skepticism of the medical community might prevail. Not all doctors would want to rely on a dog to make a diagnosis.”






It might take some time before we see our furry friends dressed in lab coats and writing down their conclusions, but we can enjoy their company at home. It appears that dogs keep you in good health.






Dog owners have a lower risk of heart disease and are more resilient to stress because they have a dog. You have to take your dog for a walk at least twice a day if you want to avoid it. Spending more time outside makes you happier and strengthens your body.






One of the greatest things that happened to humankind was the four-legged friends. Our pets help us with our well-being, protect us from dangers, and spread joy in the house. We are lucky to have them, even if we don’t deserve them.